Available Dogs

Do you want to adopt a dog?

We have many dogs in all shapes and sizes!  We work hard to make sure our available dogs find the right homes. Before committing to adopting a dog,  please take into consideration the commitment that comes with it. Adopting a dog is for the rest of the dogs life.  If you can not commit to that, then please don’t adopt and allow someone who will commit to adopting and caring for the dogs.

These babies deserve a home where they are part of the family, we do not adopt dogs to outdoor only homes, ever,  for any reason.  Our doggies want to snuggle with you and will want to be with you while you watch TV, or work on your computer.  They will want to lay on their beds while you make dinner.  They want to know they are safe, loved, and will never be homeless again.

Adopting a new dog can take some patience.  Please remember these doggies have been through some stressful times and some can be scared, shy, or even traumatized.  These babies just need patience, love, and some understanding… and in no time they will be happy, loving, outgoing babies.

Please don’t adopt a dog if you expect the dog to walk into your home and know where to go to the bathroom, or what the rules are right away. Dogs, just like children, must learn the rules and how to please you.  PATIENCE and love will have your newly adopted dog happy as a clam in no time.  

If you’re ready and willing to adopt and commit for the life of the dog click here to meet our dogs that are waiting for you!   Please click here for an Adoption Application